Christian Camping Southern Africa

Christian Camping Southern Africa

Christian Camping Southern Africa aims to aid in developing people by means of fellowship, training, networking and career development.

Christian Camping Southern Africa is the largest organisation of camp-related service providers in Southern Africa. CCSA is the leader is setting standards for the camping industry. We provide the support, training, recourses and the fellowship required to be THE BEST CAMPSITE/CENTRE in Southern Africa. Our executive committee sits with well over 100 years of combined industry experience and expertise.

CCSA is the place you want to be. Our yearly conference provided a mountain of ideas, resources, opportunities, training and family support to be envious about. We have a history of committed people passionate for our industry.








Campsites in South Africa

Our Campsites Directory features a wealth of Christian Camping Sites across Southern Africa that shares the vision of CCSA. The campsites featured on our website complies with all statutory health and safety requirements and we aim to support and improve these campsites to meet the needs of our Christian Camping Groups.

They are campsites with a desire to do things right. Open to be accountable, registered with a national body, where knowledge is shared and resources are generated.

Support our members before supporting a Centre with no affiliation or accountability.








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Yearly CCSA Conference

Yearly CCSA Conference

We are proud to announce the 2019 conference to be hosted by Moolmanshoek Leadership Development Centre, Free State, South Africa. The conference will run from 11-14 June 2019. The conference theme this year is "CLOSER" - Hosea 6:6.


CCSA is Pround Members of CCI :





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